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Our Program

Solid Foundation

The FIT Ministry program starts first and foremost with the word of God. We believe it is the basis and source of all truth. To be upfront and honest, there is a ton of work in and around the Bible that each of the men in the program are required to do. This includes, but is not limited to memorization, study, reading, devotions, etc. Our philosophy comes from what the Bible says- “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

Local Church Based

The FIT program is unapologetically a direct ministry of a local, New Testament, Fundamental, Independent, Bible-believing, Baptist Church. The men will have an active and faithful involvement in carefully-selected areas of ministry in the Central Valley Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Parry L Dalzell. 100% church attendance is a requirement for the completion of the FIT Ministry program.

Active Schedule

When one enters the FIT Ministry, he is entering a program that includes a daily, agenda that is a rigorous, hearty, and busy. That schedule is wide-ranging and consistently task orientated. The daily activities include morning devotions, daily work (landscaping and construction), ministries, church, property maintenance, classes, and occasional recreation. The busy schedule truly assists recovery and overcoming stubborn mental obstacles.

Spiritual Focus

We believe a close relationship with God is one of the foundations of a strong, clean, decent Christian life. The FIT Ministry has within its structure, a strong and helpful discipleship program. We believe Salvation is the most important decision in a person’s life and, we believe that growing close to the Lord, through His word and Bible teaching is of the utmost necessity. Many times a week, the men hear and learn from experienced Bible teachers.

Weekly Classes

Every week, the men in the FIT program attend “classroom” type sessions all focused on teaching Bible principles to combat addictions. The main weekly class meets Thursday nights at the Freedom Ranch property.  In these classes, there is an outpouring of teaching on Bible truths and principles that the men can take and apply for a lifetime. The class is open to visitors, or anyone who would like to check it out.

Healthy Accountability

Within the program of the FIT Ministry are layers of extensive accountability. While most seem to shy away from that word in the day in which we live, it remains a proven help to anyone battling an addictive problem. Accountability is applied to devotions, work, church attendance, service, and many other areas. With these many realms of accountability, the road to true recovery for the men in the program is greatly aided.

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in joining the FIT Ministry Program, click below to get in touch with us today. Starting your application could be your BIG first step to finding real hope.